Voluntary activity in Caritas

Superior aim lying behind any of Caritas activity is in realization of spiritual and financial needs of people. The goal is accomplished by a charity and a humanitarian activity springing from evangelical love of our neighbour.
The activity has dignity of a person in mind paying no attention to its religion, outlook of life, nationality, race and beliefs.
Caritas wishes to accomplish its mission by inviting young volunteers from abroad. In such a way it takes actions for the European integration basing on Christian values and relation development between societies. Thanks to the EVS project realization, Caritas promotes: the main ideas of the volunteer service, supporting actions for dialogue and democracy development, in the same time it promotes actions in favour of the development of science, education, and also charity-protective activities in favour of a wide range of people in need, especially families, children, youth, singles, disable people, ill people and seniors.

European Volunteer Service (EVS) in Caritas is above all a chance of realizing importance of Caritas which we show for the Europeans.

It is also a chance:

Activities of Gdansk Archdiocese Caritas is supported by the work of 4000 volunteers.
It would be difficult to imagine so versatile activity of Caritas without volunteer service in its various forms.

More information about volunteer service in Caritas you can find www.gdansk.caritas.pl