Taking into consideration the specific character of work in Caritas, the projects carried out by our EVS volunteers can be divided into two different activities.

The project of activity one gives opportunity to work with children and youth of age from 5 to 19 year old in the following centres of Caritas:
- Centrum Wsparcia dla Dzieci i Młodzieży im bł. Piotra Jerzego Frassatiego w Gdańsku
- Młodzieżowa Placówka Wychowawcza w Sopocie,
- Świetlica "Pod Kasztanem" w Gdańsku,
- Świetlica "Słoneczne Wzgórze" w Gdańsku.

EVS volunteers together with employee organize some activities for children and youth, such as photography, art, music, cooking etc. They enable our wards to get to know culture and some food specialties from different parts of Europe. Besides, volunteers help children with their homework and take care during holiday?s camp.

The project of activity two gives opportunity to work with elderly and people with disabilities in following centres of Caritas:
- Centrum Pomocowe Caritas im. św. o. Pio w Gdyni,
- Centrum im. św. Siostry Faustyny w Rumi.

The EVS Volunteer's duties are to help in providing some individual and group activities for residents. The Volunteers devote their time and attention to old people in their everyday life. They help elderly and people with disabilities enjoy some activities such as drawing, sculpturing, singing, dancing, playing on instruments, and meeting with poetry. Besides, volunteers take part in cooking activities in which they have a chance to prepare some traditional dishes from theirs homeland.

Projects which has been carried out so far:

All for the young
Many roads, one way - helps the young
Share your life
Together we can make a difference

Breaking barriers

Give yourself