About organizations

Each organization is not interested on profit, depending on its potential, capabilities and needs can host a volunteer.

Staying in our organization for a volunteer is subsidized as part of realization program „Youth in Action”.

If an organization wants to host a volunteer, it must gain an accreditation, which is honoured in the whole Europe. National Agency of the program „Youth in Action” provides accrediting. More information on www.mlodziez.org.pl

Gdansk Archdiocese Caritas have a status of a coordinating organization, owe to this it may help your organization in arranging necessary documents.

About a programme

EVS - European Voluntary service is an Action 2 „Youth in action” (find more on www.mlodziez.org.pl).

Thanks to that action a volunteer (himself, or in communion with others young people) may take up social works in one of the European countries.

Owing to the fact of being volunteer of EVS you can acquire new skills and competences which have an influence on your personal and professional development.

Your work may concern young people, ecology, sport, culture or national heritage. You may work with children or take care of elderly or disable people.

These are only some out of different other projects, which you can join. More information on http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/

One project lasts for
  • 2-12 month stay abroad.
In a project may take part:
  • 1 volunteer (for the individual action)
  • 2-100 volunteers (a group action)